by Aaralyn

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released September 18, 2014



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Track Name: Messengers
Raise your eyes and hearts to the sky.
The gods, the ancient ones are here.
They fill our skies with fire.
Their ships hover among our alien clouds.
Our hands reach for them
and they look down at us with such sympathy.
With outstretched hands, we cry and plea,
“Do not destroy us, O’ Great Ones. Forgive us.”
The great ships land and the beings attempt
to breathe our once clean air.
They crouch to the earth under their feet;
touch their flesh to the poisoned soil.
The ones who know have found us.
Yes, they are here.
Open your mind to the message that they bring
and you will never again feel alone.
They rise and look down toward our fearful faces.
They are here to show us the way
even though we would never admit to being lost.
Their ideas penetrate the minds of the world,
although a word is never spoken.
“Rid your hearts of anger and fear. You were never alone.
We will show you the ways of peace. We love you; we are not strangers.
All life, all things are important. All exists as one. Our message is clear. Love all that is, for we are all one single moment.
Take care of the planet that gave you life, for she is your Mother. Bring comfort to lesser beings, as we do for you now.”
Track Name: From Maine With Love
The breeze is light. The stars are out,
but with clouds like these, I can’t see them shining.
Here we stand. The rolling black waves
assure us that the cold tides are rising.
Dance away. Dance away girl.
Dance as long as you can.
The sea is coming to take you away from me.

Dance away.
Dance as long as you can.
Dance for the moon, the stars and the sea.
As this is the last dance, dance with me.

The water licks at the seams of your dress.
Our toes are cold, and the waves are coming.
I know fear, this I will confess
as I can hear the Sirens and their sweet humming.
Young and free, such are we.
We sing a tune as the night air thickens.
The sea at our knees; a whistle in the trees,
but still, your dance, it quickens.
Bang the drums, the dance is wild.
Savage, that’s what we are.
Dance away, sweet child.
But please, don’t stray too far.

Tides to the waist, the terrible chill
is frightening, yet you still seem free.
Dance away, as someday we all will.
The tides begin to take you away from me.
The tides, the grin, the teeth,
they shine as the clouds part.
Dance further away from me.
Dance, sway, depart.
Death is an artist who creates in the shadows.
Dance away with It, dear friend,
to the depths and leave me to the shallows.
Track Name: The Whale
The sea is my home, the waves are the bones
and the tides are coming to take me.
Pull me under so that I can once again
be a part of leviathan.
Set sail for who knows where,
the wind is still my brother.
The sun is my father, the stars my sisters,
the ocean my steadfast mother.
I will travel as far as I can
‘til the earth is entwined with the heavens.
I’ll live with no fear, my mind will be clear
even though I’m all sixes and sevens.
I am chasing an ominous beast
whose body is whiter than snow.
Set a course headed north by north east.
If the breeze rests, my crew will all row.
This isn’t obsession, it’s honesty.
The beast is everywhere and nowhere.
The storm looks at me ominously
but it’s out there, I can feel it. I must go there.
I have a terrible secret
I am, in fact, not hunting whales in Davey Jones’ locker.
Abstractions and artistic concepts
have tainted this subject proper.
Whales are not a swimming beast to me.
Instead, they are two things:
On the one hand they are a blank canvas;
On the other, methods of thinking.
They are potentials, infinite and real,
impossible, honest expression,
artistic in nature, impossible to represent
for all art is simply refraction.
Great men, to those we have trusted
to tell us what expressions are better.
Arbitrary and immoral practice.
Expression cannot be measured.
We hunt the whiteness not the beast
and here I know I must die.
My attempt to represent honestly
will always result in an artistic lie.