Poet and the Star

from by Aaralyn

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I live next to a poet, who writes about a star.
It seems to be so close to him, yet it is so far.
I've seen him standing, countless nights, gazing toward the sky.
I've watched him laugh. I've heard him sing.
I've even seen him cry.

The moon won't set tonight.
These hours are eternal.
The vision has left me breathless.
Take me from this world.

He's said that it's a part of him.
He misses it by day.
He swears, one day, he'll feel its warmth
and knows he'll find a way.
I've seen his work about the star, about the light it brings.
There seems nothing more dear to him, the bright and loving thing.

Sometimes I think he's crazy.
Most times, I see him sane.
To him, it makes no difference.
His focus stays the same.

Some nights I find myself
hoping he'll be free
to someday drift next to his star,
just beyond the trees.


from Aaralyn, released December 23, 2016



all rights reserved



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