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Out of the most vibrant nothingness, comes everything.
We are the creators, we are the divine.
Our geometry is flawless; the hum, the movement, constant.
The waves break. Their spin is infinite.
We are what make it blue.

We construct the structures, the tunnels, the matrices.
All that we think is tangible is only truly imagined.

All is poetry, all are poets.
We exist, born of an idea.

We float in a sea of fluctuating potentials.
We fall through a space of super-positioned possibilities.
We collapse the function. There are no objects,
only relationships.
We are the expressive, artistic universe
trying to understand itself.

Everything is living.
Everything is breathing.
Everything singing,
and we are part of the sound.


from Aaralyn, released December 23, 2016



all rights reserved



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