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Can someone tell me what happened here?
When was the last time you bought a copy?
When was the last time you tore off the plastic and looked hard at the art?
When was the last time you read every word, as the album progressed?
When was the last time a band was more than a single to you?

We all have names,
but do you even know them?

Can you see what's happening here?
The music is dying.
All of the fashion and trends
can never make up for the death of a sound.

An ocean of people, in front of the stage,
but none of them feels connected.
The scene has been taken and twisted.
This isn't the place that I once loved.

Egos and logos have separated us
but, by all means, cover your ears.
Throw the brand on your back,
and pretend that you don't fucking care.

The Ego doesn't exist in our world,
only calluses, expression and hunger.
We will write and perform every night,
until the revolution takes place.

The giants sit, in the dark somewhere.
But they've no ears to listen.
We are artists, musicians and fans.
We're not profit potential.

The underground is filling with distaste,
and a violent shift is coming.
We're sick of the labels and
we're sick of the tone.
We're taking it back and starting over.

Play, until your fingers go numb.
Let the tone ring out,
until the vibration breaks this world apart.

Break this world apart.


from Aaralyn, released December 23, 2016



all rights reserved



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