I Am King

from by Aaralyn

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If you take the time, at noon, when the shadows have gone to bed,
to really look at me, you'll find the creature;
my eyes; where the wild things are.
Into the night, over the sea, I'll show you my kingdom,
but tread lightly. My family is always hungry.

I'll tie a tail 'round the moon,
and swing it full, to the middle of the sky.
Look how sharp our teeth are.
I feel like starting a conflagration.
Gambol and scream with my monsters and me,
as the flames reach for the constellations.

Sprint with us, through the underbrush.
We'll sharpen our claws on the bark, as we go,
then race to the top of the mountain.
In the frigid air, at the peak,
we'll challenge the sky to battle.

My beasts and I will tear it apart,
then swallow the darkness whole.

Golden Staff and Crown,
Gnashing Teeth and Sharpened Claws;
I Am King of The Monsters.


from Aaralyn, released December 23, 2016



all rights reserved



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